12 Essential Items to Keep on Your Boat

Now that you have the perfect boat, you need to keep all the necessary items onboard to ensure everyone is safe and happy on the water.

Take a look at this quick list of items to make sure you have all the essential items on your boat.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray
The sun can be very harmful on a long day, and bugs can quickly ruin a fun outing. That’s why you need a ready supply of sunscreen and bug spray. Keep the bottles waiting for you on the boat, and make sure to replace them every year.

First Aid Kit
Cuts, scratches, bruises, burns, and other medical problems can happen quickly, so make sure you are prepared to give immediate attention to anyone who is injured. Most injuries will be minor, but a throughly-supplied first aid kit could eventually save a life.

Fire Extinguisher
A fire on a boat is a life-threatening emergency, especially if you are far from shore. Protect your passengers with a fresh fire extinguisher, and make sure you know how to use it properly.

Life Jackets and Throwable Life Preservers

You may not have to wear it all the time, but everyone on board should have a life jacket that fits right and can hold their weight. Kids, of course, should always wear their life jackets while riding on a boat.

Extra Rope
Tying to the dock, towing another boat, or throwing to an overboard passenger. You never know when a rope will come in handy, so keep on in storage on your boat and you’ll quickly find hundreds of uses for it.

A Sharp Knife
From cutting up bait to cutting off unwanted ropes, a good, strong knife is essential for every boat. Always keep your knife in its sheath and find a safe spot for it where children won’t be able to find it.

Emergency Signal Flares

If you are stuck in the water, one of the most important rescue items is a good signal flare. It should give off plenty of smoke and light so the flare can be seen during day and night, helping you get the assistance you need any time you’re stranded.

Motion Sickness Pills
Even the most experienced sailors can get seasickness every once in a while, so keep a supply on motion sickness pills in your boat. You may never need them, but the first passenger that gets seasick will be incredibly grateful.

Plenty of Water
Especially if you are planning a long trip, having a full supply of water is a smart decision. A warm, sun baked climate can quickly cause dehydration and fatigue. Make sure everyone has enough clean, cool water for the trip, and don’t be hesitate to head in for more water if your supply runs out faster than you expected.

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