Tips for Boating With Your Dog

For most dog owners, the canine friend is more than a pet; he’s a member of the family. Many people feel that life is just more fun with a dog around, so taking them out on the water seems like a perfectly normal thing to do.

While you can have lots of fun with your whole family and your dog on the boat, you need to make some extra preparations to ensure that everyone stays safe and happy, from your passengers to your pets.


Know What to do if Your Dog Goes Overboard

What is the plan if your dog falls over board or decides to jump in the water? Are you going to kill the engine and call the dog? Are you going to drive near the dog and try to pull her in? Make sure you have a plan of action if your furry friend ends up in the water.

Get a Lifejacket

Dog Lifejacket
There are lifejackets for dogs of all sizes, and it never hurts to have one on your canine, even if they are excellent swimmers. If your dog goes over while the boat is moving, they could be stunned and unable to swim. Currents and other factors can affect even dogs that are great swimmers, so get a life jacket that fits right for your dog’s size and weight.

Sniff Around Before Your Trip

Scout Dog Lab
Before you take your dog out on the water, let them explore the boat while it is on the trailer or sitting at the marina. This will allow your dog to check out his surroundings and take in all the new smells. Once he seems comfortable with being on the boat, it’s time for the first trip.

Make the First Trip Short

Golden Lab
Don’t spend an entire day on the water with a dog, especially for their first time out. Plan on an hour or two to see how your dog handles it. If she seems comfortable with the boat, the water, the waves, and the overall experience, you can try a longer trip the next time you go out.

Be Aware of Where your Dog is On the Boat

2 Dogs
Having a dog run wild on the boat can be dangerous for people and animals, so always be aware of their location. You wouldn’t want someone tripping on the dog or having your dog get caught in a closing hatch or swinging door, so make sure everyone is looking out for your four-legged friend.

Look out for Lures, Live Bait, and Equipment

Scout Dog
Dogs are a lot like catfish: if it smells, they’ll eat it. Put a lid on all of your live bait, as it could make your dogs sick. Also, don’t leave hooks, sharp objects, fishing rods, and other equipment lying around. (This is an important safety tip with or without your dog)

With these tips in mind, you and your dog can have more fun while boating on the water.

Quality Boats for the Whole Family

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