Scout’s Meticulous Attention to Detail

Legendary coach John Wooden was famous for making is players focus on the small elements of basketball. He won ten NCAA titles in 12 years.

Vince Lombardi made his football team practice the famous “Packer Sweep” over and over again, restarting the drill if the quarterback so much as stepped at the wrong angle. The Packer Sweep later became one of the most famous football plays in the history of the sport.

Orel Hershiser, once an average major league pitcher, worked on the minute points of his mechanics with such focus that he set the record for consecutive scoreless innings and earned the Cy Young Award.

What do these men have in common with Scout Boats? They all share a fanatical attention to detail that brought along excellent results. Like Wooden, Lombardi, and Herchiser, by focusing on the details, Scout Boats has risen to the top in our industry.

Screw Head Alignment

One of our most interesting and unique details is the screw heads that we use on our stainless steel rails. While many boats have screws that protrude from the rail, our screws are perfectly aligned, providing a flat surface that is cleaner, more attractive, and less likely to catch clothing, long hair, or fishing hooks. This detail is placed on every Scout boat no matter what the size.

Finished Lid Edges

Finished Lid Edges

It might be easy to forget about lid edges. After all, they are just used to cover areas like the live wells and storage compartments. How important can they really be? At Scout Boats, every detail is important, so we take the time to meticulously finish every square inch of the lids, including the undersides. On our larger boats, we buff and polish each corner and edge, giving your vessel a quality finish that is only matched by the most luxurious yachts.

Excellent Comfort and Convenience Features

Like a high-quality sedan, having the right features can make all the difference. No matter which Scout you choose, you’ll find plenty of comfort and convenience features, including a folding stern gate that gives you easy access to the dive platform, a recessed handrail for passenger comfort, quality vinyls that resist staining and fading, and a tilting helm that allows you to select the perfect angle.

Finished Bilges

When you look inside the bilge of a Scout, you’ll see something completely unique. Other boat manufacturers put almost no thought into the bilge interior, after all, it’s a hidden area that is only seen when the lid is lifted. But once again, we have put meticulous attention into the smallest details, including the bilge interior. We have given our bilges a smoothly-finished fiberglass interior, which is visually pleasing, easy to clean, and yet another example of our fanatical attention to detail.

Finishing Department

Finishing Department

The key to sending out a perfect final product is a detailed finishing department. Everyone who works in this area has a keen attention to detail, going through the boat to find nicks, scuffs, scratches, and other blemishes that would decrease the visual appeal of the finish. They buff and polish every little detail, ensuring the boat has a flawless appearance before it goes out for delivery.

Scout’s Commitment to Detail to Work for You

Commitment to Detail

commitmentIf you have a passion for details, and only want to own the highest quality boat, you deserve a Scout. Visit our website to learn more about our highly-engineered designs, or browse our current selection of fishing boats and yacht tenders.

You’ll find a boat that will keep you happy for years, so contact us and let’s get you building your own Scout luxury boat today!

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