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NMMA Certified

NMMA Certified / Yacht Certified

Many — but not all — boats are required to meet a set of minimum manufacturing regulations established by the U.S. Coast Guard. In the U.S., NMMA Certification goes beyond the minimum USCG standards to ensure adherence to the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) Standards.

All Scout models being built meet these rigorous certifications!

Manufacturers of NMMA Certified boats benefit from:

  • Assurance their boats meet the industry standards for the United States (ABYC Standards)
  • A detailed inspection and verification process
  • Improved consumer confidence
  • Increased brand respect
  • Peace of mind knowing our customers are boating in the safest built boat possible

NMMA Boat & Yacht Certification helps Scout as a manufacturer to ensure our boats are built to applicable standards set by the American Boats & Yacht Council (ABYC), and to promote our manufacturing compliance to the public.

Scout submits applications for all models; each Scout model must be physically inspected by an NMMA inspector annually. To achieve certification, we must demonstrate that any possible variances found during the inspection process have been corrected. We then ensure that all production units are manufactured in compliance with the certified design.

For each Scout model that is certified compliant, the NMMA will provide a durable placard that is installed and displayed on each Scout produced. All Scouts are NMMA certified, which is a testament to the construction quality and safety standards achieved by our building process.

Buying a Scout boat with NMMA certification is important because you know that the boat was manufactured to meet an extensive set of requirements that go beyond the basic federal mandates. There are currently 58 ABYC standards grouped into 31 categories that NMMA uses to certify all vessels, including steering, power, and electrical systems, among many others. Additionally, we as a manufacturer are required to undergo routine inspections from third-party providers to ensure ongoing compliance. Data from the U.S. Coast Guard indicates that NMMA-certified boats are safer than non-certified. WATCH THE VIDEO

As a potential or existing owner/operator of a 26 foot or Scout boat, it is important to remember that ‘Yacht Certification’ does not include any required vessel capacity limits, and it is up to the boat owner to operate mindfully. The main reason for this lack of guidance is that the larger size of these vessels leads to maximum capacity calculations that are determined by “stability” rather than “displacement” as in smaller boats. Larger boats can typically fit more passengers than seating capacity, so the overall stability of the vessel is what matters most. There are often many tags displayed inside a vessel, but the ‘Yacht Certification’ plate provided by NMMA is one of the most important ones to look for.



Scout has been a member of the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) for over a decade. Scout believes in supporting the marine industry, as does the NMMA, and that’s why you see Scout Boats represented at nearly every NMMA-sanctioned boat show across the country.



Yamaha outboards are known for performance, innovation and reliability. That’s why so many boaters won’t trust their free time to anything else. The only thing more hassle-free than running one of our outboards is actually owning one. From warranty information to owners’ manuals to fishing reports, this is where you’ll find the information you need to make the most of your ownership experience.



Mercury provides engines, boats, services and parts for recreational, commercial and government marine applications. Our industry-leading brand portfolio includes Mercury and Mariner outboard engines; Mercury MerCruiser sterndrive and inboard packages; Mercury propellers; Mercury inflatable boats; Mercury SmartCraft electronics; and Mercury and Quicksilver parts and oils.



Garmin is a leading worldwide provider of navigation, and they are committed to making superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets that are an essential part of their customers’ lives.



Scout was one of the first boatbuilders to fully integrate a Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer into select LXF models. Offered standard on the 530 LXF, 420 LXF, 380 LXF, and optional on the 355 LXF, the Seakeeper helps dramatically reduce boat roll while out at sea in nearly any wave condition. By eliminating boat roll, Seakeeper transforms everyone's experience on the water.



Dometic Marine is a trusted provider of innovative solutions for the worldwide boating and boat building industry, including power-assisted mechanical, hydraulic, and electric power steering, advanced trim tab systems, a full range of motor jackplates, marine sanitation devices, climate control, galley equipment and more. Dometic recently expanded its scope to lead the boating industry into an electrified future, developing marine telematics and digital integration solutions and acquiring new technologies in onboard power generation, storage, management and distribution.  Dometic has won numerous NMMA Innovation Awards over the years and is always striving for new ways to make boating easier, safer, and more enjoyable. To learn more, visit

South Carolina Boating & Fishing Alliance

South Carolina Boating & Fishing Alliance

As boating and fishing enthusiasts, we know how valuable every moment is that we spend on the water. The South Carolina Boating and Fishing Alliance (SCBFA) is the united voice of boating and fishing in South Carolina. The SCBFA brings together manufacturers, dealers, retailers, boaters and anglers under one banner to grow and protect access to great water, great fishing, and the great experiences that make South Carolina’s waterways some of the best in America. Join us today to ensure the best of boating and fishing not only for yourself, but for the next generation in South Carolina.

The Modern Fish Act

The Modern Fish Act will make critically important changes to federal fishing regulations. Recreational fishing and commercial fishing are two fundamentally different activities needing distinctly different management tools. The Modern Fish Act will promote public access for America’s 11 million saltwater recreational anglers, adapt federal management to fit recreational fishing, improve fisheries data collection and spur economic growth. Passage of the Modern Fish Act would be a win for our nation’s natural resources and for the millions of Americans who enjoy recreational fishing—and the thousands of businesses they support. If you’re interested in sending a letter to Members of Congress, click here:

Boat U.S.


Scout and BoatU.S. have partnered to offer a complimentary year of membership to anyone purchasing a new Scout model. The BoatU.S. membership includes over 25 benefits and services to the customer, including free online boating safety course; discounts on fuel, transient slips, repairs and more at over 1,200 boating businesses nationwide; affordable insurance coverage options for recreational boaters; subscription to BoatU.S. Magazine; representation on local issues and on Capitol Hill by their Government Affairs team; 24/7 on water and on road towing dispatch by the nation’s largest towing fleet TowBoatU.S., with over 600 towboats in over 300 ports nationwide; and custom boat graphics and lettering.

Sea Tow

Sea Tow

Sea Tow has been the on-water assistance fleet of choice for boaters since 1983. A franchise-based marine assistance organization headquartered in Southold, New York, Sea Tow was founded in 1983 by Captain Joseph Frohnhoefer after the U.S. Coast Guard stopped responding to non-emergency calls. Since that time, Sea Tow has grown into a thriving network of nearly 100 locations across the United States with additional offices in Europe and the Caribbean. This network consists of a dedicated team of captains, crew and support staff that are standing by, 24/7, to serve our members and other boaters.

Williams Knife Co

Williams Knife Co.

Chris Williams creates handcrafted specialty knives for hunting, fishing, the kitchen and general-purpose use. Each creation that leaves his shop must meet his high standards with an emphasis on form and function, as well as attention to detail. Williams hand-makes each knife from blade to sheath and he is constantly experimenting with new materials, patterns and techniques with the goal of continually improving his products. Knives come in any kind of wood imaginable, both domestic and exotic, with handle materials in mother of pearl, abalone and many types of bone, antler and stag. All knife sheaths are hand sewn and made from 100 percent genuine leather that customers have the option to personalize. Currently, Williams Knife Co. knives are available in 23 stock options ranging from $150 to $850. Custom knife pieces are available upon customer request. Knives may be ordered online at

Southeastern Wildlife Expositions

Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

The mission of the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is to continue to positively impact the local and statewide economies through increased tourism; to showcase the finest wildlife art available in the world; to invest in and positively influence wildlife and nature education through specialized programming; and to assist in the conservation of wildlife and the environment by creating awareness and contributing financially to designated programs.

Charleston Waterkeeper

Charleston Waterkeeper

Charleston Waterkeeper’s mission is to protect, promote and restore the quality of Charleston’s waterways by using data-driven programs to develop long-term, pragmatic solutions. It aims to create a more informed and engaged public through education, outreach, and celebration of our collective right to clean water, and is committed to the goal of cultivating a community of clean water that is swimmable, fishable and harvestable throughout all of the Charleston Harbor Watershed.



A leader in the recreational marine market, Imtra offers innovative LED lighting solutions, wiper systems, windlasses, thrusters, helm chairs, interceptors and more. They are partnered with us as a supplier of high quality systems on our S-Class models. To learn more visit or watch our partnership video here.

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