530 LXF

530 LXF
Carbon Epoxy Construction
Scout 530 LXF

Manufactured w/ Cutting Edge
Carbon Epoxy Construction

Our flagship model...and now available with a flybridge superstructure.

S-Class (luxury models 33’ and up) signifies the upper echelon of our line-up - the highest level of luxury - similar to what you experience with high-end luxury automobiles. The 530 LXF is meticulously crafted with cutting-edge Carbon Epoxy Construction (Carbon Fiber/E-Glass is the main material used in the Epoxy Infusion process) and the highest-performing dual Scout Stepped Hull Technology, while simultaneously pairing it with the finest sophisticated blend of appointments and technologies. Our S-Class denotes the most superior model for our customers.

Due to the overwhelming amount of interest in this model, if you’re interested in more information, securing a build slot and placing a deposit on one of these industry-changing models please fill out the information below at the bottom of this model page. Our Director of Sales & Marketing Alan Lang will receive your information and respond accordingly.

530 LXF Overhead Rendering

53' 5"


(16.28 m)

14' 8"


(4.47 m)

875 gal

Fuel Capacity

(3,312 L)

2,400 HP

Max HP

(1,791 kW)


Draft (aprx)

(0.78 m)

Specs Continued

Dry Weight w/o Engines (aprx)

(Epoxy-Infused Hull w/ Carbon/E-Glass)
27,980 lbs 12,692 kg

Dry Weight w/ Quad Yamaha 425's (aprx)

31,788 lbs 14,419 kg

Dry Weight w/ Quint Yamaha 425's (aprx)

32,740 lbs 14,851 kg

Dry Weight w/ Quad Mercury V10 400's (aprx)

30,760 lbs 13,953 kg

Dry Weight w/ Quad Mercury 600's (aprx)

33,020 lbs 14,978 kg

Dry Weight w/ Quint Mercury V10 400's (aprx)

31,455 lbs 14,268 kg

Minimum HP

1,700 HP 1,268 kW

Fresh Water Capacity

100 gal 379 L

Holding Tank Capacity (Black Water)

40 gal 151 L

Holding Tank Capacity (Gray Water)

40 gal 151 L

Diesel Tank Capacity

80 gal 303 L


18 degrees

Cockpit Baitwell (x2)

30 gal (ea) 114 L (ea)

Cabin Headroom

6' 9 1/4" 2.06 m

Bridge Clearance (to top of hardtop; no tower)

9' 8" 2.95 m

NMMA Certified / Yacht Certified

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S-Class Model

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530 LXF Highlights

Most Competition Hulls (Not Scout)


Chopper Gun Construction

  • 50-year Old Technology
  • Chopper Gun Construction
  • 10-20% Weight Variance
  • Poor/Inconsistent Profile
  • Approx. 90% of Boats Built Today Use Some Form of This Process
  • Approx. Cost to Build = $1.48/lb
  • Approx. Weight = 4.2 lbs/sq ft
  • Stiffness = 16.5K lb-sq in/in
  • Post Cured During Ownership

Scout Hulls

Epoxy Infusion Construction


Epoxy-Infused E-Glass
(Scout 33’-35’)

  • Advanced Technology
  • Epoxy Infused E-Glass
  • 2-3% Weight Variance
  • Great Profile
  • Approx. 3% of Boats Built Today Use This Process
  • Approx. Cost to Build = $5.20/lb
  • Approx. Weight = 2.4 lbs/sq ft
    (Approx. 34% Lighter than Traditional)
  • Stiffness is approx. 4X Stiffer than Traditional
  • Post Cured in the Mold w/ Thermo Couplers

Scout Hulls

Carbon Epoxy Construction


Epoxy-infused Carbon Hybrid
(Scout 37’-67’)

  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Epoxy-Infused Carbon Fiber/E-Glass
  • 1-2% Weight Variance
  • Class “A” Profile
  • Less than 1% of Boats Built Today Use This Process
  • Approx. Cost to Build = $8.70/lb
  • Approx. Weight = 1.7 lbs/sq ft
    (Approx. 58% Lighter than Traditional)
  • Stiffness is approx. 5X Stiffer than Traditional
  • Post Cured in the Mold w/ Thermo Couplers
  • Widely Used in the Aerospace Industry
380 LXF Expoxy-Infusion

Epoxy-Infused Hull

The Epoxy-Infused hull using Carbon Fiber/E-Glass provides improved superior structural stability, strength and a Class-A finish, creating unsurpassed performance.

Articulating Rocket Launchers
w/ SureShade

Patent pending. With the touch of a button, you can electronically raise or lower the hardtop mounted rocket launchers. When the SureShade retractable awning is deployed, the rocket launchers will also lower electronically. Having the rocket launchers articulate not only provides an added unique feature to the boat, but also helps with ease of loading/unloading rods.
(optional equipment)

530 LXF Articulating Rocket Launcher
530 LXF Dual Hydraulic Platform

Dual Hydraulic Beach Platform

Dual electronically-actuated hydraulic beach platforms on the port/starboard side provide safe and easy access while boarding, de-boarding, and the ideal launch pad for water sports activities. When deployed, they create 17’ 10" of beam deck, ideal for entertaining with 150 sq. ft. of cockpit space, or when raised, 105 sq. ft. of fishing space. In addition to that, we have dual aft cockpit transom doors that fold out of the way, making navigating the stern a breeze.

Digital Helm

Control on-board systems with the touch of a screen. Garmin screens encased in glass bezels provide the technological touch you’ve come to expect, as well as the seamless, modern styling they represent. The Garmin GRID (Garmin Remote Interface Device) is a control pad with mouse that allows you to access and control all Garmin screens aboard the 530.

530 LXF Digital Helm
530 LXF

Helm Heated Seats

Additional comfort provided with our standard heated helm seats feature.

Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer System

Fully integrated into the 530 LXF, your standard Seakeeper 6 Gyro Stabilizer will provide you incredible comfort out on the water. Spin it up, and enjoy stability in the open seas as if you were on solid ground.

530 LFX Seakeeper Gyro
530 LFX Luxurious Interior

Luxurious Interior

The appointments down below are unmatched in a model this size. You’ll feel like you’re stepping into a private jet, or a luxury home. Private master stateroom, convertible sofa-to-berth, private aft berth, enclosed separate shower, enclosed separate head, galley and hanging closet...and plenty of other hidden storage.

Pick Your Performance

Choose from four or five engine configurations to meet your needs. With incredible performance achieved with each outboard setup, you can choose the perfect option for you based on your appetite.

530 LFX Pick Your Performance
530 LXF Interior Cabin Color Options

Cabinetry/Flooring Options

Select from one of four elite choices.

LXF Concierge

Your 530 LXF will be personally delivered by our product specialist and certified USCG 100T Master Captain, Josh Slayton. Mr. Slayton will not only deliver the boat to you, but he will also fully explain every innovative feature on the model as well as ensure you are completely comfortable with your 530 experience. It’s a personal, professional touch like no other.

530 lxf Concierge

Customer Testimonial

I thank you for all your help and assistance during the building of my beautiful new Scout 530LXF. This is my 15th boat w/ a number of them builds where I made modifications similar to what we’ve done on the 530, and one was a complete design build at McMullen & Wing in New Zealand. Most of those were great experiences, but none better than the experience I had building this 530 with you.  You really made this an enjoyable experience.  Your willingness to share information and help work through things that I wanted to try to accomplish, the timeliness of getting answers, returning phone calls, emails, and texts were all outstanding.  It was fun, as a build like this should be! -Jim R.

530 LXF Scout Line Drawing

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