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Why are “No Wake” Zones Important for Boaters to Understand?

A “No Wake” zone means that boats must reduce to the slowest speed they can travel at while still maintaining the ability to steer and make forward progress. When vessels move at these speeds, they produce a minimum wake. These zones are common in crowded, narrow areas like channels, near bridges,...
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Best Spotlights for Boats

Having a solid, dependable spotlight is an important part of boating safety, especially when boating at night. The best boating spotlights can be used to: Read more
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Best Saltwater Fishing Apps – Guide to the Features

There truly is “an App for everything” and fishing is no exception. The latest saltwater fishing apps have many cool features whether they put you right on top of fish or not. Maps, charts, weather, species, community, logbooks and more. Read more
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Sea Bream on a Fly

All About Sea Bream Found all over the world, sea bream is a common fish that is caught off of docks, jetties, and out of small boats.  They are indeed the fish of the common man as they require very little in tackle, are not very complex, and some versions...
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Mako Shark on a Fly

“CAST!” yelled the guide as I stared into the freshly chummed water, turned purple by the mixture of day-old blood with its deep blue beauty. My mind wandered into a zen-like state as the sound of the lapping waves hypnotized my thoughts into the serenity of nothingness. The guide's command...
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Billfish on a Fly

The blue-green sail emerged from the depths behind the teaser rig that bounced about in the boat's wake. I grabbed the fly rod and gripped it tight, letting my fingernails dig into the cork handle slightly. Looking at the captain, I knew I needed to cast, but we had rehearsed...
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Shark on a Fly

The flats called to me in my dreams for ages, but now I stood on the deck of my boat and saw them as the sun exposed the shallow depths for the first time. While other anglers chased permit and snook, my eyes searched the water for sharks.  Read more
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Roosterfish on a Fly

The Mexican sun slowly sank into the hazy horizon over the icy Pacific Ocean. One more cast into the crystal-clear blue waters rendered a splash, followed by a fluttering fly that glinted in the last few moments of light. The fly slowly disappeared into the deep blue, holding the rocky...
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Redfish on a Fly

With the wind whipping across the deck, the trolling motor keeping the nose of the boat pointed toward the redfish we are pursuing with fly rods in hand, this has the makings of a fine day. Read more
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King Mackerel on a Fly

With the sun beating down and penetrating the water into depths that would otherwise be dark as night, anglers along the Atlantic seaboard cast heavy flies attached to heavier rods. With flies the size of fish, alpine fishermen celebrate catching as they probe deep structures hoping for a strike from...
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Bluefish on a Fly

Stripping in a large, flashy fly as the waves crash around you will quickly progress from serene to tiring. Large streamers cast on heavy, long rods make for great pictures in magazines but strained forearms in reality. Read more
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Spanish Mackerel on a Fly

Pick up any fishing magazine, and you will find pictures of great fish landed by the few and the lucky. However, another fish is accessible to anyone and everyone. They are caught from shore as frequently as those fortunate to find themselves on a boat. Read more
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Pompano on a Fly

Spring air around the beach is cold. The water isn’t much better. However, every year anglers brave the elements as they step into the surf and begin casting to the shallow flats hoping for a bite. Read more
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Barred Surf Perch on a Fly

The waves of the Pacific are cold, furious, and, at times, outright intimidating. The farther north you travel and the closer winter comes, the more this becomes true. Read more
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Corbina on a Fly

  When you think about southern California, there are many things that come to mind. Deserts, tacos, and sprawling urban landscapes jump to the front. Read more
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