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Spotted Sea Trout on a Fly

If you begin considering saltwater fish species, you will undoubtedly find pictures of tuna, marlin, and tarpon plastered all over your Google search and local bait shop walls. Read more
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Atlantic Bonito on a Fly

Fly fishing isn’t about the fish. Instead, it is about the fly fisherman's journey to the fish. People pick up a fly rod to challenge themselves and enjoy the soul-strumming poetry of the process. Read more
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Barracuda on a Fly

There are two camps when it comes to fly fishing for barracuda—and they have pretty polarizing opinions.  Read more
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Bonefish on a Fly

Bonefish epitomize what saltwater fly fishing is all about.  Catching one of these flats classics can be the highlight of any fly fisherman's life. Read more
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Bumphead Parrotfish on a Fly

These aren't stealthy fish. In fact, if you are on the flats when they come in, you'll likely see them from a mile away. A giant herd of slow-moving, alien-looking fish gently flopping their bluey-green tails on the surface. Read more
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Bluefin Trevally on a Fly

The bluefin trevally is the mighty mini-me of the giant trevally. Read more
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Wahoo on a Fly

Fresh Wahoo steaks straight from your boat’s cooler to the grill..not much can beat that! Read more
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Indo-Pacific Sailfish on the Fly

Not many fish can give you the same adrenaline rush as an acrobatic Sailfish flashing all its sensational flair and fight at the end of your rod. And this offshore sport fishing favorite is not restricted to traditional rod and reel equipment. Read more
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Dogtooth Tuna on a Fly

Whew. Your shoulders and back are aching! You’ve got out your heaviest rod, largest fly, and are working the surface—striking over and over. You’re trying hard to tempt that dogtooth tuna from the deeper depths up to the surface. Read more
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Indo-Pacific Permit on the Fly

You hand over your tackle bag. It has a few less flies in it than when you started the day. Your buddy, already on the dock, dumps your bag next to his in the lopsided dock cart. And you glance around the boat again. What did you miss? Ah, your...
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Milkfish on the Fly

You found them. Finally. At first glance, they look like a school of mullet. An undulating mass of toothless, open-mouthed fish gulping at the surface. But unlike mullet, these fish are sparkling silver in color. And their EYES. They have HUGE EYES. Plus, they are three, four, or five times...
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Yellowmargin Triggerfish on a Fly

Shwooop. It’s in the net. You lift it up, and the dark, chameleon-like eyes turn to stare at yours. Your Kraken Crab fly is somehow securely embedded in a cluster of big, white teeth. Read more
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Moustache Triggerfish on a Fly

The tide is falling. Spring tide was three days ago, and you’ve been waiting for this day. Nothing but hot-white sand, warm shallow waters, and a clear sky on the horizon. The three blend, and it’s hard to tell the difference between water, sand, and sun, even with your sunglasses....
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Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon fishing is an incredible sport, but you need to make sure you are following the rules to protect this important species. Above all, you should understand that tarpon, unless under specific conditions, are catch-and-release only. Read more
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Virginia Saltwater Fish Guide

Virginia is home to excellent freshwater fishing. But if you want to enjoy some of the top angling in this state, you need to head for the coasts. Virginia boasts some of the best saltwater fishing in the country, and there are numerous species you can target. Read more
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