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Indo-Pacific Sailfish on the Fly

Not many fish can give you the same adrenaline rush as an acrobatic Sailfish flashing all its sensational flair and fight at the end of your rod. And this offshore sport fishing favorite is not restricted to traditional rod and reel equipment. Read more
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Dogtooth Tuna on a Fly

Whew. Your shoulders and back are aching! You’ve got out your heaviest rod, largest fly, and are working the surface—striking over and over. You’re trying hard to tempt that dogtooth tuna from the deeper depths up to the surface. Read more
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Indo-Pacific Permit on the Fly

You hand over your tackle bag. It has a few less flies in it than when you started the day. Your buddy, already on the dock, dumps your bag next to his in the lopsided dock cart. And you glance around the boat again. What did you miss? Ah, your...
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Milkfish on the Fly

You found them. Finally. At first glance, they look like a school of mullet. An undulating mass of toothless, open-mouthed fish gulping at the surface. But unlike mullet, these fish are sparkling silver in color. And their EYES. They have HUGE EYES. Plus, they are three, four, or five times...
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Yellowmargin Triggerfish on a Fly

Shwooop. It’s in the net. You lift it up, and the dark, chameleon-like eyes turn to stare at yours. Your Kraken Crab fly is somehow securely embedded in a cluster of big, white teeth. Read more
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Moustache Triggerfish on a Fly

The tide is falling. Spring tide was three days ago, and you’ve been waiting for this day. Nothing but hot-white sand, warm shallow waters, and a clear sky on the horizon. The three blend, and it’s hard to tell the difference between water, sand, and sun, even with your sunglasses....
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Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon fishing is an incredible sport, but you need to make sure you are following the rules to protect this important species. Above all, you should understand that tarpon, unless under specific conditions, are catch-and-release only. Read more
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Virginia Saltwater Fish Guide

Virginia is home to excellent freshwater fishing. But if you want to enjoy some of the top angling in this state, you need to head for the coasts. Virginia boasts some of the best saltwater fishing in the country, and there are numerous species you can target. Read more
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Florida Red Snapper Season

Red snapper fishing in Florida is a fun and engaging sport, one that not only brings excitement, but results in excellent table fare for your next meal. Red snapper is fun to catch and wonderful to eat, which is why this is one of the most popular species in Florida. ...
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Tippet vs Leader: Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a form of angling that takes practice, patience, and nearly-perfect presentation. One of the most important keys to success is presenting the fly in a manner that is attractive, and not startling, to a fish.  Read more
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Sea Bass in Florida: A World-Class Sport for Any Angler

Fishing for sea bass is one of the most popular sports for anglers of all types. Accessible from a boat or from shore, sea bass can be caught by boaters with large offshore vessels or anglers who fish from piers and docks.  Read more
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World Record Grouper

Grouper are some of the most interesting fish in the water. While most are moderate in size, the world record grouper is a massive specimen.  Read more
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The Yellowfin Record of The World

If you are looking for a new fishing challenge, the yellowfin tuna may be perfect for your next outing. These fish are exciting, challenging, and make excellent table fare.  Read more
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Your Guide to the Florida Mangrove Snapper

There are many excellent fish in the water around Florida. Mangrove snapper, for example, is one of the best species for anglers of all skill levels. Read more
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Top Florida Gulf Fish

The Florida gulf coast offers some of the best fishing in the entire country. You can find species large and small, from trophy fish for the lifetime angler to bountiful small fish for youth, there is something for everyone. Read more
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