How To Host & Entertain Guests On Your Boat

Plenty of Room

Entertaining guests on your boat gives your friends an unforgettable experience. When planned properly, you can maintain safety while delivering complete enjoyment on the water. Here’s what you need to know.

Safety, Safety, Safety

First, middle, and last, you need to make sure everyone on your boat safe. Water and parties can create dangerous situations, including the potential for drowning or slips and falls on a slippery surface. Before heading out, make sure everyone on the boat understands proper safety on a boat, and communicate all emergency procedures.

Keep Your Guest List Short

When you host a gathering at your house, you can invite as many people as you want. Boats are much different. Check the passenger capacity of your boat and never go over this number. Some of your friends might feel rejected, but boat capacity is important for safety and enjoyment among your guests, as well as the legality of your event.

Be Prepared for Harsh Weather, Even When Forecast is Clear

Even if the weather is expected to be mild, make preparations for harsh conditions such as rain, lighting, or high winds. If a surprise shower passes through, for example, it will be helpful to have rain parkas for your guests. On the other hand, ensure there is enough shade to keep your guests comfortable.

Decorate the Boat with a Theme

530LXF cockpit lit

Now we can focus a little bit more on the fun. To enhance the entertainment, decorate the boat with a specific theme. St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and the Fourth of July all have obvious decoration styles. If you’re hosting a birthday party, decorate the boat with the person’s favorite activity, such as golf, fishing, or tennis.

Make Foods Secondary, Not the Central Focus

When you are cruising on a luxury boat across a gorgeous blue ocean, people really don’t remember the food. Serving elaborate, complex meals on a boat is not only a hassle, it can be a waste of time—so make your focus more about the experience, not the foods.

Pick People Up at a Convenient Location

Boarding multiple people onto a boat can be a hassle, so choose a spot that offers convenient parking and easy access to the vessel. The obvious choice is a marina, although you may have to get parking approval if it is a private, exclusive location.

Stay Sober, Encourage Responsible Drinking from Guests

As the boat’s driver, it’s your responsibility to get people out on the water and back home safely. Don’t put your boat or your passengers at risk by drinking. To increase safety, you should also encourage responsible drinking from your passengers.

Entertain Guests on a World-Class Luxury Boat

420 LXF girls in bow

Scout Boats offer some of the finest luxuries on the water, making them perfect for entertaining guests. The 420 LXF and 530 LXF are perfect for parties, but even our smaller boats deliver a wonderful experience!

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