Best Fishing Boat Names

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The naming of boats goes back thousands of years, connecting modern-day boaters to the sailors, traders, and fishermen of ancient history. When purchasing your new Scout, you can tap into tradition and make it your own by giving it a name. But how can you possibly select the right one? While we can’t name the boat for you, we can give some basic tips to help you come up with the best fishing boat names.

The Tradition Of Boat Naming

Originally, naming a boat was (in the minds of the ancients) a life-and-death situation, as boats had to be named properly to bring good luck. They were usually named to honor the gods, bringing good sailing and safe passage.

Now, it’s a matter of respectability and belonging. The right boat name brings a touch of memorability, fun, or character to your boat—and proper naming rituals still have a heavy touch of superstition.

Choose a Name that Reflects the Boat’s Purpose

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A good boat name often reflects the purpose of the boat. For example, if you are buying a boat purely for leisure and relaxation, think about words like “relax,” “easy,” or “lazy” to reflect the care-free nature of the boat. If it’s a fishing boat, words like “bait,” “catch,” “lure,” or any fishing-related term could apply. Going for speed? Use words that evoke speed such as “fast,” “quick,” or “lightning.”

Look for Rhymes or Alliteration

A boat name should be as memorable as possible, so there are two techniques you can use. Rhyming is obvious, as it gives your boat name a moniker that will stick in people’s minds. Alliteration, which is the use of the same letter or sound at the beginning of each word, is also a good technique: “The Speedy Salmon,” “Karl’s Catch,” or “Lazy & Lucky” are all examples of alliteration.

Shorter is Better

When thinking of a boat name, sticking with a shorter title is usually best. There are long boat names that are humorous or memorable, but think of famous boat names from history: the Santa Maria, the Titanic, the Mayflower. All had names that were short and concise.

Women in Your Life

While it may seem boorish by today’s standards, there is a long tradition of honoring the women in your life with boat names. The roots of this tradition are fuzzy, but it may have started with naming boats after goddesses, then moved to wives and mothers.

Either way, if you like tradition, naming a boat after an important woman in your life is an old-fashioned technique. Women could easily flip this tradition and name their boat for an important man, such as a father, grandfather, or husband.

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