What Is Inshore Fishing?

Ready for excitement on the water? Then you need to try inshore fishing! The specific definition of inshore fishing can change from angler to angler and from area to area. However, it is generally considered to be any fishing that takes place in waters roughly 30 meters deep or less and usually much less than that. So, it’s not exactly how far you are from the shore. Instead, it’s more about the depth of the water that determines whether you are inshore fishing.

Difference Between Inshore vs Offshore Fishing

With much shallower depths, the waters for inshore fishing are typically much calmer than offshore fishing. Because of this, smaller, more nimble crafts are used to pursue fish into depths as shallow as 20 inches of water. Inshore fishing also typically calls for smaller, lighter tackle.

In terms of targeted species, inshore generally brings in smaller fish than offshore fishing, although the overall numbers of fish can be larger. For example, when offshore fishing you might spend a full day trying to catch one massive sailfish. With inshore fishing, if you are experienced, have the right bait, and the tides are right… you have a shot at catching dozens of fish including, in the south, Red Drum, Sea Trout, Flounder, and many more species.

Types Of Inshore Fish

What Kind of Boat is Best for Inshore Fishing?

The boat you choose is important for the success of inshore fishing. As we said earlier, you’ll want a smaller, more nimble boat for accessing inshore areas. Generally, a good inshore fishing boat is about 18 to 25 feet in length, which gives you a manageable size while still maintaining good overall stability.

With offshore fishing, you often spend a full day, or even multiple days on the water, but this is not the case with inshore fishing. This means you don’t necessarily need the conveniences and amenities that you have with offshore boats. A sleeping quarter, for example, is not needed, and a head (bathroom) is not a requirement either. Of course, it never hurts to have luxuries like a fridge or canopy, but it’s more important to have a boat loaded with quality fishing features, such as a casting platform, rod storage and a live bait well.

Get the Right Inshore Fishing Boat from Scout

215 xsf Scout

The 215 XSF is built on Scout’s revolutionary fuel saving NuV3 hull design, while the deck offers ample standard amenities for everything from serious fishing to comfort cruising. Built with 100% hand-laid fiberglass, the boat boasts a wide comfortable beam of 8’ 6” with an overall length of 21’ 6”. A notable standard feature onboard the 215 includes not only the forward seating in the bow, but also a forward sun lounge/coffin box complete with a cushion.

The 231 XSB is our third XS model in the bay boat/inshore line-up and compliments the already popular 231 XS and 251 XSS. This model showcases up to five removable backrests (two receivers forward; three receivers aft) for added comfort for the crew, as well as a patent-pending new thru-hull bow anchor pole feature called the Scout Post. Two optional aft baitwells, ample rod holders and storage, and three leaning post options are all available on this fishing machine. Like our other XS models, the 231 XSB has all the characteristics of a serious bay boat, as well as sexy, aggressive lines and proven high performance.

Sleek lines, innovation and high performance make this 240 XSF the hottest boat in its class. Built on our revolutionary NuV3 fuel efficient hull design, this forward seating center console model is ready for the open water, but will also save you money at the fuel pump. We’ve incorporated a longer outboard shaft so that we could do away with the transom splash well, creating a level full-access swim platform for safer access and use. LED lighting – including rope lighting and unique underside hardtop lights that are perfect for illuminating the boat during pre-dawn, dusk or night excursions – fold-away stern seat, aerated transom bait well, forward lounge seating with fish / storage box and overboard pump out, powder coated elite leaning post w/ cooler, rod and cup holders are just some of the numerous standard features available on this model.

The 251 XSS, with forward seating, was designed to be a “hybrid” model capable of handling and performing in both inshore and offshore waters. This model has a draft of approximately 13” for backwater fishing; while the proud bow, hull design, depth and freeboard allow it to slice through offshore waves while keeping you dry. Standard features include a large anchor locker, port and starboard lockable rod storage boxes, high performance leaning post with rod holders, transom ladder and trim tabs.

With a full selection of top-quality vessels, we have the right inshore fishing boat for your specific needs. Whether you want a large boat for deep-sea fishing or a light boat for targeting intertidal areas, you’ll find exactly what you need.

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