Top Open Water Fishing Boats From Scout

Open water fishing is one of the most exciting forms of angling. However, when you’re heading out on a fishing adventure in open water, you need the right boat with all the best features to do the job. This is important so that both you and your guests can have a wonderful time on the water. Fortunately for you, Scout Boats excels at making comfortable, luxurious crafts that are perfect for the open ocean. Learn more about our top open water fishing boats from Scout.

With our Build Your Scout tool, you can customize every feature of your craft exactly to your liking. Create your dream open water fishing boat now!

What To Look For in an Open Water Fishing Boat

These are the features you need from an open water fishing boat:

  • Stabilization System. Rolling waves can make life difficult on the ocean. However, new advancements like stabilization units make boats more level in these conditions. This is truly a must-have feature for your boat!
  • Powerful Motors. If you’re heading into open waters, you could be traveling dozens of miles. You’ll need a boat that can get you to your favorite destinations quickly through the use of powerful motors.
  • Top-Quality Fishing Features. Fishing in the open ocean calls for professional gear and plenty of equipment. Your boat needs features like rod storage, outriggers, and a sizable live well.

Beginner Boats From Scout

When looking for the top open water fishing boats from Scout, you can’t go wrong with these three options:

530 LXF

Built for advanced luxury and superior boating adventures, the 530 LFX is truly a world-class fishing boat. With stabilization features, powerful motors, and enough space for your large group, you can enjoy more time on the water and success while fishing. This boat has it all, allowing you to host friends and family while enjoying open water fishing. The 530 LFX is the largest boat in our lineup and is definitely one of the most impressive!

420 LXF

The 420 LXF has been a popular option for anglers all across the country, making it one of the leading boats in our lineup. It combines world-class luxury with superior entertainment, in addition to advanced fishing features such as an epoxy-infused hull for stability. Together, these features create a boat that offers an outstanding fishing experience.

380 LXF

Of all the excellent boats available today, the 380 LFX stands out thanks to its sleek hull and top-quality, luxury features. Fishing on this boat is a breeze with its vast rod storage, live well, and outriggers. You deserve the finest performance on the ocean, and the 380 LXF can deliver exactly what you need for your next open water fishing adventure. 

Find the Perfect Open Water Fishing Boat for Your Needs

If you’re searching for an open water fishing boat with luxury, power, and top-quality fishing performance, then you need a Scout. We use the finest designs, advanced engineering, and superior craftsmanship to create vessels that bring you a higher level of excellence. Use our Build Your Scout feature to create the perfect craft for you, your family, and all of your fishing needs!

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