Top Bay Boats From Scout Boats

Bay boats are extremely popular all across the country. By providing versatility, reliability, and comfort, bay boats meet the needs of both fresh and saltwater anglers. They are also great for skiing and water sports or simply cruising the water in leisurely style. If you are considering one of these crafts, take a look at the top bay boats from Scout.


Bay boats are most popular in coastal waters, especially in regions where both deep and shallow-water fishing are available. Because bay boats typically have good length, usually above 21 feet, they provide reliable stability while maintaining shallow drafts of less than two feet. Commonly, the “V” in the hull of a bay boat will not be as sharp or deep. This helps it maintain shallow drafts but still allows it to cut through waves and chop.

Top bay boats are usually used for fishing, so fore and aft casting decks are essential. These should be spacious, and they should give anglers an elevated position and have fewer chances for snagging the line. On larger models, it may be possible for two people to cast from a deck without much of a problem.

To reach specific fishing destinations with ease, a top-quality bay boat will also come with a powerful, efficient engine. Having a jackplate that lifts the engine (not tilts, but lifts vertically) will assist with both propulsion and boating through shallow waters.

251 XS

251 xss
At 25 feet in length, the 251 XS is one of the best bay boats from Scout. It was designed to be a true inshore/offshore craft, utilizing a unique hull design that allows it to maintain a shallow draft with excellent stability and ride comfort. Although it is 25 feet in length and has room for 10 people, it has a draft of 13 inches, meaning you only need a little over a foot of water to cruise in this craft.

The boat can also be equipped with all the features that make for a great bay boat. It comes with features like a ten-inch jackplate, a trolling motor plug, and an aerated live well.

231 XS

The 231 XS is the second bay boat created by Scout in the “XS” lineup. Like the 251, it comes with all the features you need for a fantastic boating and fishing experience in bay areas, but the smaller profile makes it a little more manageable for smaller areas like rivers and backwaters.

With comfortable seating, large fishing decks, and a hull that creates a smooth ride from start to finish, this craft matches all of your bay boating needs.


Scout makes some of the finest boats you can find, including world-class bay boats that are popular from coast to coast.

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