What Fishing Boat Accessories Should You Add?

Choosing the right fishing features can make a big difference in the enjoyment and quality of your boat. With the right accessories, you can have a boat that keeps you happy for years. So what fishing boat accessories should you add to your boat? Here are a few ideas.


Used for deep-sea trolling, outriggers are essentially long fishing rods that allow anglers to place more lures in the water. Outriggers hold the fishing lines and incorporate a pulley with a cord at the end of the rod. There is a quick-release system that releases the line when a fish strikes, allowing the angler to reel in the fish.

Outriggers increase your chances of a successful outing because you’ll have more lures in the water. A variety and quantity of lures never hurts. And you’ll also cover more space, further enhancing your odds.

Release Marine Fighting Chair

Fighting chairs give you more comfort and leverage when you are reeling a massive fish. Release Marine is a leader in this area. They make chairs that are contoured to your body with stabilizing bars and solid footrests, allowing you to stay in the fight against the trophy of your life.

Additional Rod Storage

A good angler can never have too many rods. Be sure you can take all of your equipment, from large offshore rods to small inshore rods by adding additional rod storage to your boat. Without proper storage, your boat can become cluttered, so don’t neglect this fishing boat accessory.

Retractable Rocket Launchers

“Rocket launchers” are tubes for holding the rods in storage. They hold the rods upward at an angle, making it difficult to access. Retractable rocket launchers angle the rods downward when needed, and tilt them up when you’re ready to move, creating greater convenience on the boat.

Fish-Box Ice Maker

Some of the fish you keep will need to be put on ice right away. With an ice maker located directly in the fish box, you can conveniently add ice when you need it. This creates fresher fish when you have the chance to clean it. Plus, it makes for a tastier meal when it’s time to eat. Speaking of eating…

Kenyon Grill

There are few things in life as enjoyable as catching a fish and grilling it right on the boat. This creates a magnificent fishing experience. When you add tasty veggies or even some hotdogs or burgers, you can feed a larger group without ever heading to shore!

Built-In Keurig Coffee Maker

Some of the best fishing is done early in the morning. Fortunately, you can add a Keurig coffee maker to many boats in the Scout Boat lineup, including the 420 LXF. This may not seem like a fishing feature, but when you’re on the water before sunrise, you’ll be glad it’s there.

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