Boat Safety Gear Checklist

Nothing is more important on a boat than safety. Complete safety involves many precautions, such as safe boating practices and informing all passengers about proper behavior on the vessel. It also includes having the right safety equipment. With that in mind, we have prepared a simple boat safety gear checklist to help you protect yourself on your boating adventures.

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Lifejackets are an essential safety item for boating. Youth passengers should wear a life jacket at all times. Adult passengers don’t have to wear a lifejacket, but you need at least one properly-fitting lifejacket for each person on your boat. Also note that anyone participating in water sports must wear one while in action.

Throwable Life Preserver

In addition to lifejackets, you also need at least one throwable life preserver. This is a legally-mandated requirement in most areas. Be sure that your throwable is easy to reach and can be accessed quickly.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire is an extremely dangerous hazard on boats. It can cause burns and could result in your boat sinking. Your boat should have a working, up-to-date fire extinguisher that is stored in a safe location.

Signaling Equipment

If you’re in trouble and another boat passes, you need a way to signal for help. Flags and an air horn can help you call for assistance if needed.

First Aid Kit

You should keep a first aid kit filled with a few bandages, ointments, and first-aid basics on your boat. These items can help you deliver immediate care for burns, scrapes, cuts, and bruises.

Anchor and Rope

If your engine dies, floating adrift at sea can be deadly. Have an anchor on your boat so you can stay in place. This will help rescuers find your vessel and help you return to safety. Make sure there is also a rope with enough length so that it can be used to help the anchor reach large depths or tie the boat to another structure.

Weather-Update Technology

You always need to know what the weather is doing while boating. Have a radio or mobile device that will provide weather information so you can make appropriate boating decisions.


Even if you never boat at night, a flashlight is an important safety device. If you’re stuck on the water into the night, this device can provide the light you need and also help you signal for help.

Skier-Down Flag

A skier-down flag is a simple device that is displayed when a skier behind your boat falls. Usually measuring about 12-inches by 12-inches, these flags tell other boaters not to come near and to be on the look-out for people in the water. They are a crucial part of maintaining safety, especially on busy lakes and bays, and they may be required by your state.

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