How to Get Your Boat Ready for Spring

Winter is winding down and spring is starting to take hold. It’s time to dust off the boat, put on some sunscreen, and head for the waters. But first, you need to know how to get your boat ready for spring. Here’s everything you need to do!

Make Spring Easier with Proper Winterizing

If May rolls around, it’s a little late for this step, but you can always remember it for next year. To get your boat ready for spring, it helps to winterize the boat properly. By thoroughly preparing your boat for winter storage, it will be easier to get ready for spring boating. Steps like flushing the engine and removing the battery will make it easier for you to go from the storehouse to the sea quickly.

Wash Away Winter Dust and Grime

The beginning of spring is a great time to wash and wax the boat. It may even be a good time to take the vessel to a professional detailer to meticulously clean every nook and cranny of your boat’s deck.

 While any cleaning is better than none, you should use products that are made specifically for marine purposes. Products made for automobiles or home use could damage a boat’s materials.

Charge or Replace the Batteries

While new batteries will likely hold their charge over the winter, you certainly don’t want discover that your battery is empty. Take the time to charge or replace the battery so you are ready for spring.

Complete a Thorough Safety Check

Your boat should have all the proper safety equipment. This is not just a good idea in principle—it’s also legally required. Plenty of life jackets, an up-to-date fire extinguisher, and a working radio are just a few of the items you should have.

If you need help remembering all the safety equipment, this list of required boating safety equipment from the U.S. Coast Guard is a useful tool.

Replace the Oil

Most people will have their boat’s oil replaced and complete an outdrive service every season, although many can get by with completing these tasks every other year. However, if you spend more time on your boat than others (more than 50 hours of boating a season), you may want to have the engine serviced annually.

Verify Registration

It’s easy for boat registration to slip. Before you head to the waters, make sure all your stickers are current and your boat is properly registered in your state. This is also a good time to check the registration on the trailer if you use one.

Where’s the Drain Plug?

It’s an annual right of passage. Every year, someone will forget the drain plug—don’t let this be your year!

Create the Perfect Boat for Your Needs

We hope that you now know how to get your boat ready for spring. If you need a wonderful craft for spring boating, use our Build Your Scout tool to choose the size, features, and amenities you need to have a great year on the water.

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