Best River Boats From Scout

175 Sportfish

If you live near a river, you can enjoy the luxury and quality found on all Scout Boats. Here are a few of the best river boats that you can find in our extensive lineup.

What to Look For

Minimal Draft. When purchasing a boat for the river, you will need one that has a shorter draft, which indicates how deep the bottom of the boat goes. A shallow draft is important because there can be many obstructions in the water, including logs and sand bars. Rivers change every year, so shallow spots and obstacles can take you by surprise, making a shallow draft essential.

Maneuverable Size. While boating on a river, you will need to navigate through narrow channels and around branches, sandbars, and rocks. Being able to steer the boat accurately and quickly is important, so look for a boat that is nimble and maneuverable.

River Boats From Scout

Here are a few of the best rivers boat you can purchase from Scout!

235 Dorado

235 Dorado

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If you want a boat that has good size, comfortable seating, and a high-quality hull, the 235 Dorado is a great option. This boat uses our NuV3 hull, which creates outstanding efficiency and performance. And thanks to its many fishing features, you can take this boat in pursuit of river catfish, walleye, bass, and more. It also comes loaded with standard and optional amenities, including a swim platform, a folding table, a fiberglass hardtop, and stern seating.

One of the most popular features is the bow rod holders, which are designed to store your fishing rods out of the way. This increases your storage options without creating a cluttered deck.

231 XS

231 xs

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While this model was created to be a leading inshore/offshore vessel, it also makes an outstanding river boat thanks to its performance, versatility, and handling. This model is packed with innovations that include a hull designed by our in-house experts. It has all the performance you expect and can be equipped with a 300 HP motor to deliver speeds over 60 mph, perfect if you are boating in large rivers like the Mississippi.

The helm was designed with the elite boater in mind, but it’s intuitive enough that practically anyone can use this craft.

175 Sportfish

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If you want to fully enjoy the rivers, perhaps a small, nimble boat like the 175 Sportfish would be best. This boat has plenty of features to enhance your comfort, including a 94-quart removable cooler seat, as well as a large variety of fishing features.

Take to the river with this boat and you’ll enjoy an aerated livewell, ample seating, and a large bow casting platform.

Create Your River Boat Today

You can create your own river boat by using our Build Your Scout feature. Use this tool to create the ideal craft for your needs, then head to your local Scout dealer to pick it up. With innovative designs and advanced engineering, we have the right boat for rivers, lakes, and saltwater.

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