Best 26’ Boats From Scout

A 26’ boat gives you an excellent combination of space and manageability. Boats of this size are large enough to host a big group, but not so large that you can’t maneuver them through traffic, bays, and crowded marinas. At Scout, we are proud to make some of the best 26’ boats on the water. These boats have everything you need, including the right size, the best features, and the most luxurious comfort you’ll find on a watercraft!

What To Look For in 26’ Boats

Man fishing on 277 LXF

These are a few of the characteristics and features you should look for in a 26’ boat:

  • Comfort. If you want people to join you on your boat, you need comfort, which means plush seating and quality materials.
  • Convenience. You should be able to enjoy a convenient lifestyle on your boat with all the entertainment and luxuries that come included with your selection.
  • Fishing Features. If you’re buying a boat, you likely want to go fishing. This means you need a vessel with a live well, rod storage, and other fishing features.

26’ Boats From Scout

If you want one of the most impressive boats available, consider the best 26’ boats from Scout for the ultimate performance.

255 Dorado

You can use the fantastic, 26-foot 255 Dorado for a wide variety of activities, including cruising, entertaining, and watersports. Above all, it’s a world-class fishing boat that gives you the features you need to have an excellent day on the water. With additional seating and superior comfort, you’re also able to take a large group on your next adventure.

255 LXF

You deserve excitement and luxury on the water, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from the 255 LXF. This boat has the features you need for advanced comfort, including a fold-out table, an additional hide-away cooler, and a fold-down transom seat.

275 Dorado

If you want a fishing vessel that’s also perfect for the entire family, the 275 Dorado is a great choice. With this boat, you’ll get outstanding performance on the water thanks to an advanced hull. You’ll also enjoy convenience and luxury from items such as the telescopic swim ladder. Plus, with a dual console layout, you’ll have added comfort while cruising to your favorite fishing destination.

 275 LFX

The 275 LFX has all of the features you would expect from a 26’ boat, as well as an advanced, luxury design. With this craft, you will get an innovative wave gate that folds entirely to the floor, giving you convenient access to the transom. There’s even an optional grill, wet bar, and deluxe leaning post, so you can create the boat that best fits your needs!

Find the Perfect 26’ Boat from Scout!

We have plenty of 26’ boats for you to choose from at Scout. You can also use our Build Your Scout feature to create the perfect 26’ boat for your exact needs! With flawless designs and world-class materials, our vessels are crafted to deliver the ultimate enjoyment on the water. Get your dream boat today!

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