Top Inshore Fish Species Guide

While offshore fishing certainly has its advantages, if you are looking for fast action and lots of enjoyment on the water, you can’t go wrong with inshore fishing. Inshore fishing is any form of saltwater fishing that takes place in roughly 30 meters of water or less. It is shallower than offshore, and the fish, while generally smaller, are usually more numerous. This means you can catch lots of fish (at least most of the time) and stay entertained for hours and hours. To help you get the most out of this sport, here’s your guide to the top inshore fishing species!


Tarpon are quite possibly the strongest and most-exciting inshore fish species. These massive, ancient fish are aggressive and powerful. While hooking one is relatively easy, actually reeling it in can be a challenge. This is largely due to the species’ leaps, which are incredibly acrobatic for a fish of this size. Although rarely taken for table fare, these are easily one of the top inshore fishing species in the world.


Requiring subtlety and stealth, the bonefish is a wary species that can easily be startled away. To catch one of these elusive animals, you need the patience and quiet approach of a hunter. Anglers pursuing these fish often use fly rods. To get into the right location many wade or use poles to move the boat quietly.

Striped Bass

Also known as stripers and rockfish, striped bass are common in the New England coasts but can also be caught further south, all the way around Florida and into the waters off Louisiana. Stripers are aggressive, hard-fighting fish that respond to a wide range of artificial lures, including spoons, topwater poppers, swim baits, and even flies.


Redfish have a recognizable black dot on their tail, which can often be seen above the surface as the fish feeds on the bottom of shallow waters. These fish tend to feed off the bottom, searching for crabs and shrimp, but they also pursue baitfish. This diversity in their diet makes them highly susceptible to both live bait and a wide range of artificial lures.


This fish is athletic and strong, yet they remain a discerning inshore fish species that requires patience and practice to catch. With a sleek black line running down their side, they are also one of the most visually distinct fish you can catch. They are wary, but they like to hang near natural and man-made structure, so finding them is fairly simple. Catching them, however, requires patient live-baiting, trolling, or casting.


Hunting with short burst of incredible speed, the sharp-toothed barracuda is an absolute thrill. They tend to strike at fast-moving artificial lures, and while they are thin and long, they can reach sizes of 80 pounds or more. When the bite is on, barracuda allow you to catch one of the best predators in the water, as well as a top inshore fishing species.

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