What is a Tender Boat?

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If you are thinking of purchasing a yacht, you may have also been told that buying a tender boat is a smart choice. But what exactly is a tender boat? And do you need one alongside your larger craft? Learn everything you need to know below!

If you’d like to purchase a new tender boat, design one to fit your exact needs with our Build Your Scout tool. You can add features for fishing, sporting, entertainment, and more to best enjoy your boating experience!

Tender Boat Defined

A tender boat—also simply called a tender—is essentially a smaller craft that runs back and forth from a larger yacht or ship. Tender boats address the needs of the larger craft, performing tasks that the bigger boat cannot. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including fetching supplies and equipment, transporting passengers, or simply providing a casual ride on the water. They can, in some cases, also serve as life boats during an emergency. In essence, they navigate the shallow waters that large boats are unable to traverse.

Tender boats often match the luxury and quality of the yacht itself. They are usually loaded with convenience and comfort features, and may even have sleeping cabins and space for numerous passengers.

A tender can be stored on the ship—in fact, they are usually hoisted onto the deck for safe and secure storage. They can also be towed behind the yacht, which provides quick and convenient access to the water.

A Sturdy Tow Eye is a Sign of Quality

Vessels from Scout Boats are extremely useful as tender boats due to their tough and sturdy tow eye. This tow eye is an indicator of just how popular our boats are among yacht owners and captains.

Located at the front of the boat on the helm, the tow eye allows the craft to be pulled by a larger vessel, such as a yacht. About 50% of our LFX 420 boats, for example, are used as tenders for large yachts, which is why we install these tough and rugged tow eyes.

Scout Boats has an industry reputation as one of the best brands for yacht tenders, and we are extremely proud that our boats are used by yacht owners who have such high expectations for quality and luxury. Our crafts, when used as yacht tenders, are towed all over the world and used in some of the roughest conditions possible. Yacht captains trust Scout Boats to deliver the reliability and performance they expect. With luxury features, refined amenities, and comfort from front to back, our boats are ideal for anyone who owns a yacht and wants to maintain comfort and quality in a tender.

Create a Refined Boat to Match Your Yacht

We hope you better understand what a tender boat is! The 420 LXF and 380 LXF make excellent tender boats, but any craft in the Scout Boats lineup will deliver the quality you deserve. Visit one of our excellent dealers to learn more about using a Scout as a tender for your luxury yacht. Or, begin designing the perfect tender for your needs with our Build Your Scout tool now!

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