Boat Show Buying Tips: How to Get a Great Deal on the Boat You Want

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Boat shows give you a chance to see all the excellent new products and models being created by the boating industry. You can learn about new innovations, see the flashy new models, and learn all about modern boats. For many, boat shows are simply a chance to browse and learn, but for some, they are a great time to buy. Here are some boat show buying tips to help you get a good deal.

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Do Your Research

Probably the most important task when buying a boat at a boat show is to do lots of preparation and research. Boat shows are filled with dozens and even hundreds of boats, so you can’t possibly expect to learn about every model from every manufacturer. Instead, research which manufacturers will be displaying boats, then see which of their models fit your needs. By doing pre-show research, you will be better prepared when attending the event.

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Set A Strict Budget

It’s easy to overspend when you don’t know your budget. Instead of going to the show with a general idea of how much you want to spend, sit down and calculate an exact amount. When you are at the show, stick to this budget. With accessories and add-ons, a budget can collapse quickly. Try to stay with your determined amount so you don’t get buyer’s remorse.

Avoid Zero-Down, No-Payment-Until-Whenever Offers

Getting the best terms on a boat loan can be enticing. You only have to pay a minimal amount for a certain period, and with some deals you won’t have to pay at all for two or three years. These are very tempting deals that can be hard to resist, but they aren’t for the smart boat buyer. Avoid these deals, as they usually result in higher payments at the backend.

Weekdays Can Bring Better Deals

If you are absolutely serious about buying a boat at a boat show, your best strategy is to attend during a weekday. Boat shows are overflowing on the weekends, so sellers have plenty of potential customers. On a weekday, however, there are fewer people buying boats, so you may be able to secure a better deal on your purchase.

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