Scout’s Best Sport Fishing Boats

Sport fishing boats are a top choice all across the country. From coastal waters to local rivers, these vessels allow anglers to reach specific destinations while maintaining a comfortable ride. At Scout, we take a particular pride in creating boats that meet the needs of highly-demanding anglers. These are a few of our best sport fishing boats that clearly demonstrate our meticulous commitment to design, engineering, luxury, and, above all else, fishing!

225 XSF

225 XSF
If you want a high-quality sport fishing boat but also need something with a little more space to unwind and relax, the 225 XSF is a great choice. This vessel has a forward-seating, center-console design the gives you convenient access to the rail, which is essential for fishing, while still providing lounge seating for up to 10 people.

Underneath the leaning post, anglers will find a convenient aerated live well, which allows you to keep your catch or active live bait, which is exactly what a hungry trophy fish is looking for. With the optional t-top, this craft delivers shade from the sun while letting you spend a full day on the water.

177 Sportfish

177 Sportfish
One of our best sport fishing boats, the 177 Sportfish is a superior craft that meets the needs of coastal and inter-tidal anglers all across the country. With comfortable seating for five and a keen design that creates successful fishing, this craft makes a family-friendly addition but can also be used by elite-level anglers.

You don’t have to be a marine engineer to appreciate the sporty, smooth design of the 177 Sportfish. The deck is made for comfort, convenience, and luxury, and the hull it rides on is made to smoothly cut through waves while maintaining a shallow draft of only ten inches!

175 Sportfish

175 sportfish
Compared to some of our other luxury fishing boats, the 175 Sportfish might seem small; but don’t be fooled, as this excellent craft is loaded with fishing features that create enhanced convenience and success on the water.

This intelligently-designed craft has plenty of hidden surprises, including a console that has rod holders and a comfortable footrest. Add optional luxuries like a Fusion Bluetooth stereo or Bay Star hydraulic steering, and you’ll have a craft that stands up to any sport fishing challenge.

175 Sport Dorado

175 sport dorado
Our “Dorado” series represents some of our best sport fishing boats, providing lounging space, comfort, and fishing versatility. The 175 Sport Dorado, which uses a sleek, nimble hull and a light profile, is able to reach some of the most remote fishing destinations on the water.

It comes with fishing accessories that include an aerated live well, flush-mount rod holders, and a full bow rail. With an excellent design on the deck and a carrying capacity of six people, the 175 Sport Dorado creates a world-class boating experience.


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Whether you want to spend a day relaxing on the water or want to target trophy fish all over the country, a Scout sport fishing boat will be your companion all the way!

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